The Well for Health is a specialized wellness practice serving men and women in the Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC area.

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We look at the root cause of disease rather than a band-aid approach to treatment of:

  • Sexual wellness

  • Thyroid, hormones, and adrenal concerns

  • Functional medicine

  • Alzheimer's, dementia, and the Bredesen Protocol

  • Neurotransmitter imbalance

The Well for Health is led by certified women’s health nurse practitioner and sex counselor Diane Parks, focusing on MonaLisa® Touch laser therapy and solutions for helping women and couples achieve optimal sexual wellness.



Hormone Imbalance

We evaluate and manage hormonal imbalances in women associated with PMS, peri-menopause, and menopause, and more.

Sexual Wellness


We treat sexual dysfunction through detailed history, laboratory analysis, education, counseling, supplements, medication and therapeutic aids.



Improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of SCI, MCI, and early Alzheimer’s disease with a comprehensive personalized program.

In today’s medical environment listening is a rare skill to find. Diane Parks possesses this skill. Not only does she take time to really listen to her patients, she has the expertise and years of experience to attend to their needs...I faced issues I never had before, such as mood swings, broken sleep, and loss of libido, [and] Diane has been my trusted guide through menopause...she does not give up. She will work with you until your situation improves, no matter how long it takes. She is the best referral I received...!

- E.B.