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What Our Patients Have to Say


"Love The Well for Health! Such a caring and knowledgeable group....would highly recommend a visit!"

Rhonda H.


"Through blood work and saliva testing, Diane has been able to help me wherein my medical doctor stated that those tests were not within standard Medical Association guidelines. I’m not talking about the outrageous or off-the-wall testing – just simple tests like the two-part thyroid test. Even when I asked my medical doctor to check my thyroid, she only tested for T3, but Diane’s testing found my T4 was low and immediately prescribed thyroid medicine. I think it’s terrible that we go through life with fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, brain fog, depression, insomnia, etc., but most of these conditions can be identified and improved. I definitely recommend The Well for Health. It is not all in your head – there is a reason!" 



"I met Diane about four years ago. She helped me so much with some things I was going through that were affecting my adrenals. I have referred her to several friends who are so happy they connected with her. The Well for Health is in a beautiful, calm, and clean office."

Molly L.


"Very knowledgeable and caring people. A 10-star review wouldn't do them justice."

April L.


"My husband and I first met Diane as a couple in need of advice and medical direction in the area of sexual health. She was very sensitive to the issues we discussed and confidentiality was a priority. In a short amount of time we were able to resolve things and, now, after several years, we both continue to schedule inpidual wellness appointments to keep vital levels in check to maintain the best health we can. Her expertise, continued education, and willingness to think outside the box is such a refreshing find in today’s world! Without a doubt, you won’t be disappointed at The Well for Health."



"Both Diane and Tracey are the best! Great listeners, caring, and knowledgeable."

Holly B.


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