Functional Medicine Introduces a Smarter Approach to Health Care

Functional medicine is a branch of healthcare that has quickly grown over the years and is now regarded as a successful approach. In fact, The Cleveland Clinic, an institution that’s consistently ranked among the top three hospitals in the United States, has dedicated its own clinic to functional medicine and seen great success. 

The success of functional medicine comes from its focus on you as the patient, rather than isolating your illness and applying textbook one-size-fits-all methods of care. As practitioners of functional medicine, we believe treatment plans should be customized to each individual patient based on their body and unique needs.

Rather than just putting a bandaid over symptoms, at The Well for Health, we investigate and treat the root cause of your illness. This provides us with more insight and lets us treat you effectively. Here are some of the reasons functional medicine is a smarter approach to healthcare.

Smarter lab testing

Traditional methods of interpreting lab tests are more restrictive because there’s a range of reference to what’s considered “normal.” But, lab tests can fall a few points out of this range and be considered "normal" when you’re still actually at risk. Instead of ignoring this, functional medicine looks at these tests more seriously while keeping in mind, you could still have a disease, regardless of your results.

Your treatments are customized

With traditional medical care, you’re provided the same textbook treatment as everyone else. This means the medication that’s given to everyone else who has your disease is also given to you. With functional medicine, there’s an understanding that everybody's needs are different.

We address the root factors of your illness

With functional medicine, we take the time to customize your treatment based on your genetic, biological, and specific lifestyle factors. 

Functional medicine investigates and addresses the factors that are leading to and continuously causing your disease in the first place. This is a smarter approach than just throwing medication at a problem. We treat you as a whole person instead of just focusing on your disease.

Begin healing with functional medicine today

At The Well for Health, we have years of experience healing through the restorative powers of functional medicine. We take time and care to listen to and address all your health concerns. Do you want a specialized treatment that's unique to you? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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