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Intercourse Shouldn't Be Painful

There are some milestones in a woman’s life that can affect vaginal health. Perhaps you’re noticing subtle or sudden changes in your vagina. Is your vaginal skin becoming loose? Are the muscles too lax? Are you experiencing vaginal dryness? These are all symptoms of the loss of estrogen, a hormone that contributes to vaginal lubrication. 

When your vagina gets too dry, intercourse can be unpleasant and painful. In fact, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, for various reasons, three out of every four women experience painful intercourse at some time in their life.

At The Well for Health in Davidson, North Carolina, we combine integrative and conventional therapies to care for you. Our team consists of a medical director, nurse practitioner, holistic nutritionist, health coaches, and patient care coordinators who work together to get to the root cause of your health condition, so we can customize a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs. Here they discuss how vaginal dryness affects intercourse and how to easily improve your sexual experience.

Understanding vaginal dryness

One of the main causes of a slowdown in your estrogen production is menopause, a natural part of aging when you experience hormonal changes and your reproductive cycle is coming to an end. Other common reasons for vaginal dryness include:

In addition, women who smoke are more vulnerable to vaginal dryness. To increase vaginal lubrication and optimize your overall health, stop smoking. 

Home remedies for vaginal dryness

If your dryness is not severe, there are some ways you can prevent and relieve the pain at home:

Be sure to talk to your partner and explain how vaginal dryness is affecting you and work on these home solutions together.

Treatment options for vaginal dryness

At the Well for Health, we talk with you about the pain you’re experiencing and conduct a comprehensive physical exam to determine the exact cause. Some of the most effective solutions to restore lubrication to your vagina include:

One of our team’s top choices for vaginal dryness is MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy. It’s a fast, painless procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. One of our specialists uses the laser to make small lesions on the walls of your vagina. Your body’s innate healing responses come to the scene to rehydrate and restore crucial pH balance and vaginal mucosa. 

You don’t have to suffer with vaginal dryness or fear the pain of intercourse. We can help. Call the office in Davidson, North Carolina or request an appointment online.

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