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MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy for Vaginal Dryness: What to Expect

MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy for Vaginal Dryness: What to Expect

Estrogen receptors are found all over your skin, including in your vagina. These receptors, when estrogen is at an optimal level, maintain hydration and skin flexibility. The effects of low estrogen can be seen on the face as signs of aging appear. 

In women with low estrogen levels, whether caused by menopause or treatment for a condition, vaginal atrophy may occur. With vaginal atrophy, the skin loses its ability to stay hydrated and flexible, and intercourse can become uncomfortable or even painful. 

For those who want to skip hormone replacement treatments, our experts at The Well for Health in Davidson, North Carolina, recommend MonaLisa Touch® Laser Therapy.

Read on to find out how this noninvasive laser treatment can eliminate vaginal dryness. 

How does MonaLisa Touch improve vaginal health? 

MonaLisa Touch is a CO2 (carbon dioxide) fractional laser that triggers the skin to create more elastin and collagen through painless lesions to the skin. 

When your body believes your skin is under attack, it rushes in with healing factors, including collagen and elastin, to heal the area. As a consequence, medical providers can control where the body targets its restorative resources. 

MonaLisa Touch can achieve the following:

MonaLisa Touch treatments are painless, and the treatment may look similar to what would happen during a routine visit to your gynecologist. You undress and relax while a curtain or sheet is draped over your legs and your feet go up in stirrups.

Our experts delivers the laser energy using a wand device, but only after you receive a topical numbing agent, so you won’t have to worry about pain and discomfort. 

After the treatment, you can continue your day with no changes. If you feel some discomfort or irritation, which is normal, a lubricant can help. 

Results may take time to appear as your own bodily resources are healing the area, but you should see improvement within weeks of the first treatment. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may need up to three sessions spaced 40-60 days apart. 

Who’s a good candidate for MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a miracle treatment for vaginal atrophy, with none of the side effects that come with hormone replacement therapy. Good candidates include patients who:

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experts are more than happy to determine whether the MonaLisa Touch treatment is right for you.

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