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Sex Is Painful: Can a MonaLisa Touch Treatment Help?

Sex Is Painful: Can a MonaLisa Touch Treatment Help?

Painful sex is often a side effect of menopause, the time when your body slows its production of reproductive hormones like estrogen. This decline in estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, itching, and other symptoms that contribute to pain during sex.

At The Well for Health, our experienced medical team provides innovative, nonsurgical treatments to relieve vaginal discomfort. We use the MonaLisa Touch® laser technology to restore your vaginal health, so you can enjoy every intimate moment.

When to get medical help for painful sex

Pain during sex is a temporary issue for many women. If you’re dealing with strong emotions or aren’t sexually aroused, intercourse may not be a comfortable experience.

If you experience frequent pain with sex or your pain is severe, don’t delay a diagnostic evaluation with our team at Well for Health. We offer diagnostic evaluations in the office to identify hormone imbalances common in perimenopause and menopause that may cause vaginal irritation.

An evaluation can also identify other issues that can trigger painful sex such as:

When the cause of your pain relates to the shrinking of your vaginal tissues (vaginal atrophy), we can determine if you’re a candidate for treatment with MonaLisa Touch.

What to expect during your MonaLisa Touch treatment

MonaLisa Touch laser technology targets the tissues in your vaginal canal that can shrink and dry out due to a loss of estrogen and the natural aging process.

The laser causes microlesions in the surface of your vaginal tissues, which trigger your body’s natural healing processes. More collagen forms in the area to plump up the tissues and enhance your vagina’s lubrication abilities.

Over time, treatment with MonaLisa Touch also improves the pH balance in your vagina to lower your risk for infection. Your vaginal tissues also become stronger, thicker, and more toned, which can better support your bladder to prevent unexpected urine leaks (urinary incontinence).

Typically, a series of laser treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. We can determine how many treatments you need based on your symptoms and overall vaginal health.

Looking ahead after MonaLisa Touch therapy

Immediately after your initial MonaLisa Touch treatment, you may have some mild discomfort and should avoid sex and other strenuous activities for a few days. Vaginal discomfort resolves on its own within a few days.

Laser treatments require no incisions or anesthesia, so you won’t need to miss work or other events after your treatments. Many women can return to work and light activities the next day.

It takes a while for your body to produce new collagen, but most women see results within the first weeks of their first treatment. As your vaginal health improves, your sense of self-confidence increases and your sex life becomes more enjoyable.

Because MonaLisa Touch harnesses your body’s ability to heal itself, the results of your laser treatments will be long-lasting and completely natural.

Call us at The Well for Health office in Davidson, North Carolina, to schedule a diagnostic evaluation or click here to request a phone consultation.

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