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How Vitamin B Deficiencies Can Cause Symptoms of Dementia

How Vitamin B Deficiencies Can Cause Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is never easy for the person losing their memory or their loved ones who help them. It is a significant illness, but sometimes it is not always dementia causing memory loss. 

Researchers have found vitamin B deficiencies can cause symptoms of dementia and worsen them. At The Well for Health in Davidson, North Carolina, our experienced team can help discover the source of dementia symptoms and provide treatment.  

Vitamin B deficiency can mimic dementia

As people grow older, natural vitamin B levels decrease, making older adults more likely to experience a deficiency. The lowered vitamin B levels can lead to multiple issues, including dementia-like symptoms, including:

While your loved one may have dementia, there is also a chance it could be a vitamin B deficiency. 

Since many underlying conditions can cause vitamin B deficiency, it is essential to have our team perform an examination to diagnose the underlying cause. 

Some of the conditions that can cause vitamin B deficiencies include:

Vitamin B deficiency symptoms

Alongside the dementia-like symptoms, other symptoms accompany vitamin B deficiencies. These sometimes present depending on the underlying cause of the deficiency, including:

Treating vitamin B deficiencies 

When a vitamin B deficiency causes dementia, receiving treatment can improve or eliminate dementia symptoms. However, it is important to remember that Alzheimer's and some other dementia disorders don’t have cures. 

Fortunately, if it is a vitamin B deficiency, there are treatment options. Our team will prescribe vitamin B injections or some supplements to take orally. 

As treatment progresses, you or your loved one will have regular blood work until the vitamin B levels have returned to a healthy level. After successful treatment, it is essential to continue watching your vitamin B levels. 

Supplements and a vitamin B-rich diet can help ensure that a deficiency does not recur. Some of the best foods for this include beef, liver, fish, clams, and vitamin B-fortified cereals. 

Our team will help you learn how much vitamin B to take and the best ways to ensure you receive enough. 

If you or your loved one has dementia symptoms, our team at The Well for Health is here to help. Contact us today or schedule an online appointment to receive the care you deserve. 

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